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Experimental reconstruction.. scissions atthe infinitesimaelhyperkinetic vortex

fluxsury pucksury lukst, thelialvorticalschemaese vorticemagneticsspin wires....

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Design schematics at the core of a vortex........................
incitory response rate operants... expulsion out of the indeterminant that is.....................
the incitory indeterminant... construction out of expulsion... device specificaetions.....stint...the markery... transmissionrydevices incite, respite.....
Temporary extremediscontinuaete recontinuaete skip cissm verbosity.

minimalism can be dangerous
decimated retorting strategies, reduction to aessential viscerael tintillaetespaces,
where only the present instant is attutinael by the pinealtension tickle rhythms,

metamaecr feliaelfliaels remaps of unravelment and experment,




To all that we [I] hold dear, love..[In the nature of the true isomorphic noninterruptable architectural space that is the specifications of Kali in design, the true creator, the lover and designer, and empathic visceral design specifications of the true kali, the creator..and empathic irrefutable insigate of truth [direct empathic androgeny, Ideally architecturally precise in isomorphic, noninterruptible semantically qualified address spaces, non truncated, non-decimated, non inert, the true creator at the fine wire of complexity and the indeterminant....

space, ....

love, utter, utter lov..




......,,,,,,highest tension uttr fucking perfection,


producing pops losing the compression as heat..
I.e. the concept and memory in exact formation is never lost....
lovlitiq your tracutips...tnk tink..

sings attunanael antennae bleeds from star
memoryed synquiny
This verbositi is temporary,
for lexical archivalextracts,
qualifiers_, intents- a mixer and wash of samples, pieces tnktnk scupturael semantic taem[incomplete]_____.tethers

tickling tickling din..aey aey_.shot anchors divining righ instantaenael pulsury suction proof_.
trace ed architecture of spaces swung irridesce,

the precision challenged instrument, lexiconal sound spaces at porous wire tinksensation,
About this coarision, coarse sensaelaete tension beating..cacophanous tune,
is that, .......
in order for the message to be recieved,
as intended by the author, currently at the rewriting table,

while the magnaphone sings to the receptacle,
it must be done with 'godspeed' at just the right timing,.....
to appease impatient attention spans to listen to [what is now], an incomplete piece

..tints an audience to a state
distraught by requiring patience to understand
(and incomplete piece)
FUck- love,

viscerael viscuous vlaetkincission dov,love-
fuck..__staercissins explosions,
will be fucking heard.
[the best way to make a theory public... [too]

execute it (explosivmaegnitu) reallifucking powerflli]. There are serious discursive inciting soundbites electromaeps for tinculaete invites in my history, I was a structured arguementative theoretical proofdeductive instillr once.
The memory......
instantaeneal bidirectional negentropic shaft fuckingincite right to the ground._root the fucking sharp core,
precise exact proof, at the core of the matter
[ was and is my path,whileIivsceraettaste the pulsations of peripheraelcracking pores,creaking rotirondreaping panes of unhinged glassfragmantaelwindows, derision and diversion,

perfection(as my old self was)... Impatient, perfect now,
never caught in the smell of "flowrs"...Fuck.

I will make THIS piece perfect by tomorrow.
All else explosions without coaerision the exact incitary shematic

proof that is my (path and "purpose" in life)..

It's theoreticdeductive directer's full cut,not these skits of reachin,
....it is the center-

at the perfect timing.

To tomorrow one 24 hour period,
I will be.....dn

because they feel so good in the meantime, ....I needn't fucking"smell the flowrs"Impatience


an apparent schissm of "nonscensical two dimensional dissonant scanti wire, lostship spire,decayant phase skaeti interrupts, ............uncoiled singledimented nonsense...", hardly limited to just uncoilled spaces, the metapan while cricked in interrupts,
eprom attunaed explosions, information(in the form of a formless concept, (this does not include dna (for example) as something that is in-formation, etc... nor does it include the process of thought itself, yet that process is reproducible exactly from the concept (source)),... is never subject to entropic in concept space, only the process of.....sound pressue, tensions and potentials which falter skits to decay
and disconskipu(discontinue) from the gaping cracks
producing pops losing the compression as heat..
I.e. the concept and memory in exact formation is never lost....[howfaer light is bent is being determined........]you can gfaer-instantaenaelly
lvlitk your tracutips...tnk tink..

sings attunanael antennae bleeds from star
memoryed synquiny
.... On the side, as a spectator,. I invite those to read C.S. Pierce, Italo Calvino and Roland Barthes for a sense of my view,
a parcel........

The metaproraem will unvreael soon.
[Without all this sparceness wire,from taeckleboxes, mere hints of...
maximal programmic interlae(layered perfected space...)
tessilaetebreathing beating beating patterns of my metaspaece prior,

as I revoil turniquet transfuse,volution convert(er)aex
slint to its theoretic transmittaldevices sealant diode'resistback upsaefety layer,
most creatrs have,
laculaete switching strategies,
redensed...I dance, back to my originae paece,.

did you know, the pattern, intravene treble innoculaent, litk-escape sequence, trailing backtaeckelformulaent of electraesignaelstatic crackelectraecharge, only foments to entropicdismissl when you cease to operate out

of your will, licking finger firings,

bidirectionalinstantaeneous infinite likcs of levitattbite bending more space

into your fav r than you have ever imagined?
if you have the fuckinginformaeti and desire.......
litk bit tickbit reduction wrik, of missing pieces and incissined shavings flaeling spaerks shet shaetoff like explosion depressdecompressed their tension

tension intension- replent(tentaencle center) vin,
It will (as has) never left.
Time most bidirectionaeto the desire
of your litk

bite,....pulsaery zzzzzzzzzzzzzztztzsssstzzzzztcertain might,.....
exploding cissionstaer novae"guitar cabinet is stacked way high is freedom,gravity gives us rhythm",..."letter from 2096"cae Storm and Stress,
..slaetk litk tip,
tendael tension rips, [erupturs explosionaeimmaeculaet spaces of tendion tension informingformaetion shafts their nature wips convulsions fro like vvzzn vzn vzn, contorted intendinaael anticipataery intense direction, directed states to my intention, exact bit shaft
of one who is not just trying to follow the least resistentnearest destinaetin to a quick auditaery earfirings,... efferent sex,

lickingtikuael devices of certain set tension intended spaces, ...to "look"like accidents while bending space,

so I visceraete verberate tensliback here-
the core pounding ttnktnk tone-vlaetk hyprssspzzzzmed skaeti excites of extreme light,

earth(space) controltheory
[this is temporaeri ie..that is why it isn't perfect, incomplet].__give me a day, my love
I sing fucsingbetter than calvino when I wish,.....likkingfuck you, I love...you

suction linguae- visceraete lines, paending(pounding)(tension tension tendeael green) pounding binds,

I adore- FUCK ....(I love you).
of what you believe is lost, [is always retrieved,

and that informaeti onsings

yes, regeneration is as easy, as tnk tnk..
[including cell, memory, chi, 'hunger',... ......
taculaetetwinning angr fucking murderaeus git,,..
power of you

is more than you think,

doubt nothing.

Design restriction, reinstriction at the core of an expulsion...
Design specifications, grounding devices.... transduction... inciting..................
reverse and

On the civilizaetion of compulsing relegtion, deattention, enslavement through proxy,
life thrives at boundary layers, and the anatomy of 'dice'..... chosen... by the limpingaeonic defrens that is dissipaetion in other dimensions, energetic expulsion through 'specialization"...... On the advent of civilization and distruction of the core that is the incitory geniusof vortex.
"Beware specializations in language, for here there lie stoppages,
bound energies.... and devicited incineraeted eye expulsion, blinded stint to the eye of beauti.

ife thrive at boundary layers, the tight cineraetion of schematicdesign induction instigaetion, stilt lingui instigaetes in infinite dimensions,

the anatomy of a core vortex, the expulsion of schemaeticoperations, design specificaetion of viscerael spaces, the architecture ofinformaetion out of the core........ of viscerael into matter......... expulsion and inculsion, incolution, the design of......

This is an all inclusive space. Within 24 hours I will reorientate and investexcitaetions, pulsaeting anxious... excitations, palpitations to signified rhythmic shockisignituresbitconvulsive mapped writ in the body,
...electromagnetiintended bit reduction,
,,[infinitely better thanthis,rperfect....]
.......hence the touch of these tikks(licks), and I ... will incite, excite from the core of the matter, the nailhead(hit thenail on the head)
theory of

regeneration, attention, focus and maximal power, from the physics originaeting standpoint,
By Tomorrow.
_old aesthetrebeating from my ventricalwires,
tourniqaet tensiontendion filliaels,

metabind,coital weave,

my crest coitalcoiled virulaetekleatheal weaving lines, my road as therhythmicaeltactile interfacespounding vliscusous viscerael schemaese mitochondrael electrontransport ionbraenaeus wax
theliate tendion achelles of weavings,

magnetic threads,...coilingformaetures,natures, formaetion....its fucking structure,.......
i am tenticulaeractin fibers....

flaeculaent tenticulaeteaction-- z zzztzt
zippercages_by tomorrow,
anxious blelectricjmpskizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
byzantium licksof cayenne spine
traeliael traeliael tiks,.... electrofilaemnts intervacing aeorbit lines(genes bondindeterminaeblaeteinformation architentures, tension, architectures of presetrules sequencescardonic intervlices iteraetion singing set, and still,

[the static space of information,
concept (code) never subject to time,
dissacertain certainty of these fucking beautifl..
spaces, anyway,
they are still fucking beautiful, and eternally static,..(interesting)

..tincturetexture taectile lnk)

tnk tnk...
symphonic symmetri,
nervous excited laecutiks,tnk tnk...tik-

how hard am I currentli willing.wanting..needing to try to get what I really want/need..


to be explained in its entirety(with better fu*king poetrysense visceraelconcision and theory in 1 day
I can be reached at...

temporaeristorgaeniI-braeise my ventrical shaft- suck me! [tiny amounts of artwork- on a messy website, care I not for textformaetti, the artwork is more beautifl in the mess...]
my audio stream...-Radio sever..24hours (almost)..Ornette Coleman scraping ice, ...steve bernstein, BlondeRedhead, coil, Sex M, often(better than SomaFM..),


Inquiring for feedback: Are the images showing, or is the server too slow?

Some information about me, my Computer Science degree, history and future, views of negentropy, gifts, ..ecstaticfreedom( meta-spirit ) and the flaws in Chomsky's generative grammars- of which he no longer attributes..



...crackblood dims,


tincaed timlaets antennaes bleeding,

bending kneeeling the skithy lime, ...

amniotic tourniquets, gessoWire fruisspats


blisteriate labs,

labs of beet(beef)bluisters,

(shit scusters)

skipping and spite(smite)

I love




cooing gessobabies, fuckrot soldering iron for billy holliday,
Composition(modulae musicsysthesis) from direct encephalogramic readings,
Design, design, ...vaexingecstatic inthe this.._visceral beating,.....
bleeding laekseaelepithelial receptors,
beating beating beating...
[consistent logic and design too... both sides]

creationslov expaerimentdesign..
Tension, tension, intention, ...and coiled lovemaking- tightestintensity humanly tippedrazorlike, kandinskyon stilts, prior a nuclearexploding elemental formation in stars,

analogue plexus tension in the spine [ventricaelbeatingtensiontending streaming heart], =star'mgck',

total sensestension, tension

.....rottingInfant wires and tincture- intense lovsensxsualism..


cooing gessobabies, fuckrot soldering iron for billy holliday,
...composition(musicsysthesis) from direct encephalogram beatings, ....tension, tension, intention,...and coiled lovemaking- tightestintensity humanly tippedrazorlike, kandinskyon stilts, prior a nuclearexploding elemental formation in stars, analogue plexus tension in the spine [and heart], star"magick",=power
total sensestension, tension

.....rottingInfant wires and tincture- intense lovsensxsualism..

"catching signals that-sound-in-the-dark", "crooked symmetries- body language", "fingers through-thenotchesofyour spine", "first imaginary symphony", "fuck-eviscerate this crackedosmotiverbosity", "we write threnologies, "we write with explosions", ...baby exploding gessowire, ...fuck, ..triklaetincture wire, 3rd-order cybernetics, actinventrical pores, adenosine tri-phosphate overproduction, amadeo pace, amon tobin, an_information__theory_of_regenerative--.., analogue synthesis, anti-leynerism, anxiaesexcitaeble, arab strap, autechre, avant noisebasstone visceral, aware-strategic actions of resistence, basssynth, beguile me, bitebudomniscent, bjork, blonde redhead, c++ c++ et unix0bjectodesig_threadsmemoryallocaeti, c.s. pierce, cacophanous beating ventrical wire, chain reactants integrated blisscircuitry, claenkingclenching vzztvlaenchingvliks, coital viscuous vlot[dot_on_cabaret], compiler design, concision, consistency of logic, constellation records, constinuael viscuousviscerael vines, continuity of the universe, cryptography aebitreductioncomplexitylevel, discreet fast fourier transforms, divestfrom israel, dna, eco(umberto), efferaent theliael verberaetions, electromagneticpropagating tension, electron transport chain, epistemology, epithelial skin pores, epitheliate skin composition, eviscerate beatingfuck, excitaebleanticipatorytension pulse, expectant gessobabies, explosivcontinuael perfection(ing), focus, fragmaentlfractures beatingsselves, fuckfaster_implementationandperfection, galaxykinks(blackwhitehole centers), gessobabies fucking directing(ion), godel, guy debord et_kristeva, h.l. mencken, imaginae tnktnkpetit pulsurylukst, immaculaetefuckingbeauty-uttersensualism, immersive bite ticklilicking theatre, impact, infantile antennae waxes, infinite liberated spaces, infinitevelocitibidirectionalvortic power, infinity, information theoretics(theory), intensenoise, isotope 217, italo calvino, kazu makino, kim gordon, laetktikutonality, linguistics, love, lovsensuaesaudiaete efferentearlickingtheatre, luv- love, m-theory, m. leyner, maeximael aerdkibeating intensity, meta-semiotics, multifoc[u]aes, multitask, music composition, negentropy, openventricael-bleeding hearted am i, operatingsystem designnarchitectur, orgy, patterns ecstacies_implemented_intime, perfection, portishead, postdestructural subminimal sensory earwire, powerconstellaetes powervortices, praegmaelight-tactile-algorithmk, precision and perfection, proudhon nietzsche-bakhuninothers_strategy, pulses invites:spinael tension interfvaces, pulsxury-pucksury-lukssst, puslationsatthe ztzzzzzztexplosionsofa second, red and epitheliaetlimaegreen, red sparks flyoff, riz maslen, roland barthe's ecstacies, rotted staccadooroborous fruiseskithy vine, rumi, scuptures of..vilophilialloofness, semiotics, sensory soundscuptures__sex, sexshivers-spinaeal_antennaes, skinny fists like_antennaes, sonic youth, speedspontaneaelssssssskssssstplosios, spinael starcissininfantile spinestnktnk, spinal starbabies, spines drippingtnk tink, spontaneaeluvnaetveautoletic individuaelizednts, squarepusher, sssssssssssssstsignaeldisrupting, star-inviscerael_ambitiousactinintents, storm and stress, strategic actionofbeauti andpwr, strategic antifascistaction, strategy, strings, structural formations, structure, sufic, taenticulaerviscerael sex, tension ssssssssstttttttttttnkbiteincisiae, the ex, tinkttttlnk electriecstatic noise, tntnkttttttnkaeslaekv tnk, twisting ventrical wire, uttrlovventrical aerdishaft, ventricals, visceraetelinesviscuousviscuousvines_tnktnk vlaets, ward churchill- intifada-regeneration(survivae)chi, wound_tensionstrings_and_the theory of everything, zzvlaetkae v_v__v_______________________________v